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  Sport Facts
>>The economic and socio-cultural impact of sport on the Calgary community is impressive! 
Summaries of recent research are here: economicsocio-cultural.
>>New Report From the Alberta Centre for Active Living
Two recent major surveys examined physical activity levels in Alberta: the 2002 Alberta Survey on Physical Activity reported that 57% of Albertans were active, and the 2002 Canadian Community Health Survey reported that 52% of Albertans were at least moderately active. The new report looks at the main reasons for the different survey results. An Executive Summary is also included. The entire report is Understanding Reported Rates of Physical Activity: Comparing the Results of the Alberta Survey on Physical Activity.

>>Study concludes that governments, communities and Canadians in general have plenty of good reasons and justification for supporting sport.

A new Sport Canada sponsored report by the Conference Board of Canada entitled Strengthening Canada: The Socio-Economic Benefits of Sport Participation looks at four categories of benefits Canadians get from sport participation: health, social cohesion, skills and economic impact. For a copy of the report, visit here

>>Why should government invest more dollars in sport?
There are many reasons according to the Canadian Olympic Committee. Read them here. And help us tell our politicians why investing in sport is so important.
>>The Benefits of Sport
Please consider taking the time to talk (or write) to your elected representatives about the value of sport and recreation in the lives of Canadians. Here are 3 facts sheets (specifically targeted to municipal, provincial and federal levels) filled with facts about the value of sport and recreation:
     >benefits of sport - municipal
     >benefits of sport - provincial
     >benefits of sport - federal
Thanks to the Canadian Sport Centre
for providing these resources.
>>Edmonton Sport Council report on the Benefits of Sport.
Visit here to learn more. 

>>Sport and Recreation, Keystone of Communities
Through analysis of the Statistics Canada report entitled Cornerstones of Community: Highlights of the National Survey of Non-profit and Voluntary Organizations, which was released in September 2004, sports and recreation can be identified as the keystone of communities amongst all the sectors that are encompassed by non-profit and voluntary organizations. 
For the summary of the Sport and Recreation sector by Sport Matters click here. For an Alberta comparison to the Canadian scene click here. Click here for the entire report.

>>Our archive of media articles is here.
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